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Capital One will join some of the biggest U.S. credit card issuers in providing a free method for clients to keep an eye on their credit profiles. Currently readily available through one of its credit cards, the business will expand access to its Credit Tracker device to all Capital One individual charge card.

Credit Tracker was first introduced in 2012 for customers with the Journey Student Rewards credit card. With the tool, cardmembers can examine their TransUnion credit rating and credit profile on a monthly basis.

“These features will assist clients more fully understand their credit standing, and supply actionable insights on ways to maintain and enhance it,” stated Sukhi Sahni, a Capital One speaker.

The Credit Tracker tool is powered by Credit Karma, a third-party business that offers cost-free credit-monitoring services. It’ll be available through online banking and the bank’s mobile banking applications.

Capital One strategies to introduce the Credit Tracker device for all Capital One customer credit cards within the next few weeks. The device won’t yet be available to store-issued and partnered Capital One charge card. “We’ll be working on making it available to all customers in time,” Sahni said.

The choice to provide the complimentary credit-tracking device comes together with the call for the whole credit card market to offer open door to customer credit ratings.

“I strongly urge you to make the credit ratings on which you depend available to your consumers routinely and easily, in addition to academic content to help them use this details,” shared Richard Cordray, director of the Customer Financial Defense Bureau, in a letter to credit card issuers. “We consider this to be ‘best practice’ in the market.”

Last year, Discover and Barclaycard United States started providing complimentary regular monthly FICO credit ratings to credit card consumers. If bought straight from myFICO, a FICO credit rating would cost $19.95 each.

Capital One’s Credit Tracker device doesn’t offer a FICO score. Instead, it utilizes a credit score established through an exclusive model by TransUnion, among the three significant credit bureaus. Although the TransUnion credit score couldn’t be the conventional credit-gauging metric used by loan providers, charge card consumers can still utilize it to keep an eye on the changes to their credit profiles.

Given the heightened sensitivity to card fraud in the light of various retailer security breaches, more consumers are finding out about the importance of keeping a close eye on their credit. As significant credit card issuers begin to provide credit-monitoring programs, it’s likely that others will follow.