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4 Days Only (June 30-July 3): For their Fifth Annual Financial Self-reliance Days Sale, get $100 when you open a 360 Bank account and make a total of 5 Debit Card purchases or 5 CheckMateSM deposits or any combination of the 2 within 45 days. This is an interest bearing inspecting account!

You can also grab a $76 bonus when you open a 360 Cost savings account with a $500 minimum deposit. The incentive begins earning interest on day 1, but you can’t take it out for at least 1 Month.

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It’s been a couple of years considering that Capital One got ING DIRECT, the popular bank that performed most of its operations online.

For lots of people aiming to streamline their banking and discover competitive rates, Capital One 360 is a feasible alternative. Capital One 360 makes it easy to access all of your accounts, including your investment accounts, from your account summary.

Features and Advantages of Capital One 360

Capital One 360 provides a variety of banking services and products.

360 Savings

This is the timeless account that started it all. There are no charges, no minimum requirements, and no catches. Right now, the yield is %, which is reasonably competitive, especially when you consider that there are no minimums and no charges. It’s simple to connect your account to other banks and set up automatic transfers to make conserving easy.

Kids Savings Account

My son’s cost savings account at Capital One 360 offers the % yield that kicks the crap out of the 0.20 % he was getting at the local credit union. It’s simple to monitor the account from your own dashboard and to teach your youngster the value of conserving early on.

360 Checking

You can open a bank account with Capital One 360 and earn a yield on the balance. Present yields range from 0.20 % to 0.80 %, depending upon how much money is in the account. There are 2,000 Capital One ATMs in addition to 38,000 fee-free Allpoint ATMs account holders can make use of.

  • This account has no charges and no minimums, and you can utilize P2P Payments to send out cash to friends and family for free.
  • Bill pay is free, even when you’ve paper checks sent out.
  • You can use CheckMate to deposit checks from another location, and the account includes overdraft defense.
  • If you overdraw your account, you will not wind up paying a charge. Rather, you’re just charged an interest cost (currently 11.25 %) on the overdraft till it’s paid off.

MONEY (Teen Checking)

MONEY is an account produced particularly for the teen user. Instruct your teenager to handle her cash with this no charge and no minimum account that earns 0.25 % interest.


The yields on the CDs from Capital One 360 aren’t as competitive as they could be, ranging from 0.40 % to 0.90 %. You can pick your term, and you can also select when you wish to get your interest payments.


The Capital One 360 home loan offers dealt with and variable rate alternatives for a brand-new purchase or a refinance. The closing expenses are really simple, and right now the rates are still rather low. You can also get a home equity loan with a variable rate starting at 4.0 %, or lock in a slightly greater rate for 15 years.


With ShareBuilder you can invest in stocks, shared funds, and ETFs, in addition to trade alternatives. There’s no account minimum, and you can select between paying a $12 month-to-month fee and getting a lower rate on trades, or just opening the account with the Fundamental variation. I’ve this version, in which routine purchases are $9.95 a transaction. However, given that I’ve an automatic financial investment strategy established, I just pay $4 a deal. It’s simple, straightforward, and the prices is competitive with the automatic investing.


You can choose to open a savings IRA, or you can utilize ShareBuilder to open a financial investment IRA. With the cost savings IRA, you’ve all the cash in CDs and savings accounts, you need to go the ShareBuilder path if you wish to purchase stocks, mutual funds, or ETFs. You can also rollover your 401(k) into an IRA from Capital One 360.

Business Account

Capital One 360 also provides company banking products. You can open a company cost savings account, or a company CD. The existing yield on business cost savings account is lower than exactly what you get with individual savings, however.

You can also use the ShareBuilder 401(k) to establish a retirement strategy for your small business. It’s relatively easy to set up, and you can provide this benefit to your workers.

Bottom Line

Overall, Capital One 360 is a feasible rival. The products offered remain relatively competitive. In addition, the low-fee, low-hassle structure of the bank makes it simple to open accounts, and prevent seeing your wealth wear down due to covert costs and complex requirements.