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Cable TV. Social media. Even newspapers. With all the details swirling around us, it’s simple to get obsessed with enjoying the marketplace’s revolutions. And it’s tempting to believe you can surpass everybody else if you just listen closely enough. The truth is, most of what’s out there’s simply noise.

Daily ups and downs are a reality of the markets. But you are not investing for one day. Lots of people are investing to understand goals that are years, if not years, down the road. And getting too wrapped up in how the marketplaces will respond to what’s going on in Ukraine at the minute, or the most up to date news from Washington, is going to distract you from your life goals-like conserving for your kids’ college fund or planning for retirement.

Does this suggest you should establish your portfolio one day and never take a look at it once more? Obviously not. It means that your focus when investing need to be on exactly what you are trying to accomplish.

If you are conserving for a down payment on a home, you could’ve a timeframe of just a few years and necessary one approach. Saving for your kid’s college costs is another timeframe-10 to Twenty Years. And retirement takes a whole other level of thinking. Young people today are taking a look at a timeline of even more than half a century.

Imagine your cash resembles an employee: you want it to work for you. Are you going to tower above your money’s shoulder, micromanaging and questioning each thing-and ruining its productivity? Or are you going to put it on a strong path and give it the room to be successful?

But you shouldn’t have to do this alone. Those people in asset management have to take this conversation beyond the ticker tape. Yes, investors want advanced analysis and very carefully managed funds-but what’s essential to individuals is getting the products (and the insight) that’ll take them to the finish line.

So when you think about what to do with your cash, do not think of what’s on the information. Do not think of what’s important to talking heads or the Twitterati. Think about what’s essential to you, and exactly what your objectives are. And keep in mind just exactly how long it requires to accomplish each of them.

The viewpoints expressed are present as of May 2014, and go through alter. Dependence upon details in this post is at the sole discretion of the reader.

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