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The world’s greatest auction site is making some major modifications, and you’re gonna ADORE them. Whether you purchase or sell on eBay, these are changes that’ll save you money and time. This is a prime instance of exactly what could accompany a company hears its clients. The updates are set up to launch on April 19th.

Free Listings Are Back, and They’re Here to Stay

This is the biggest information for me, and it’s better for everyone. Casual eBayers and sellers with eBay shops all benefit. As a laid-back eBayer, your listing is complimentary, and you’ll only pay a small percentage of the last resale value charge. As a seller with a shop, rates are decreased. Either way, when sellers pay less, buyers additionally pay less. Here’s how it breaks down:

Free Auction-Style Listings and a Free Purchase It Now Option

For casual sellers, this is a substantial change. From April 19th (till additional notice, it appears) you could note your auction-style items totally free. You get up to 50 products per month, and you could include a free Buy It Now choice to any or all of them. Exactly how does eBay make money? If the item sells, you pay a little percentage of the final worth. And, beginning July 6th, the fixed-price last resale value costs will be lowered and put on the total amount of the sale. This includes shipping. Quite merely, from April 19th on, it’s visiting be a whole lot more affordable to sell anything on eBay!

Good Information for eBay Store Owners

Although you don’t get complimentary insertions, the final value fee rates for both auction-style listings and fixed-price listings will be decreased and applied to the overall quantity of the sale. This starts July 6th, so you’ve a little longer to wait before the cost savings kick in.

20 % Discounts for Top eBay Sellers Remain

The new rate framework won’t influence your 20 % incentive, and top-rated eBay sellers will remain to make this killer price cut on final-value fees. Nevertheless, the 5 % rebate for PowerSellers who aren’t top-rated will end on June 1st.

Finally, the eBay Shopping Cart is Coming!

We all love getting offers on eBay. However how aggravating is it to have to do different transactions with each supplier? Well, that’s about to alter. The eBay shopping cart will allow buyers to pay for items from several sellers, both auction and fixed cost, in one simple check out. Nice!

Plus, Even More eBay Upgrades

Improvements have been made to the entire shopping experience on eBay. There will be new ways to search for products, with more options offered to help you narrow your search or list your item. This is a much-needed renovation for clothes, shoes, and add-ons, which now need obligatory product specifics. And if you buy or sell motor parts and accessories, new rules have been put in place to lower purchaser concerns and build self-confidence.

The eBay site as a whole will be going through enhancements to enhance the confidence and count on of purchasers everywhere, with certain attention on worldwide eBay transactions. Even more information is available in eBay’s Spring Seller Update, and you could continue top of the many enhancements concerning eBay on the blog site eBay Ink.

Or, if you desire a quick five-minute update, examine this video out from Todd Lutwak, VP of Selling Experience for eBay.