Stuck in a pile of financial obligation? Do what numerous other people are doing to dig themselves out: balance transfers. Pick from one of the very best balance transfer card offers around to assist you get started.

Best Balance Transfer Credit Card Offers for Debt Consolidation 2014

Balance transfers 101

When you transfer a charge card balance, you are basically using one charge card to pay another credit. The transaction usually costs around 3 % of the quantity transferred (credited the card that receives the balance). And, unlike purchases, balance transfers start to interest instantly – there’s no grace period.

Fortunately, depending upon the charge card, there might be special offers and terms that waive the balance transfer and/or include a very low rate of interest on balance transfers. By moving the balance to a card with a lower APR, you are paying less interest – so you can focus on paying off debt.

What to search for in a balance transfer card:

  • Introductory offer – Low APR (preferably 0 %) for more than 12 months.
  • Balance transfer charges – No balance transfer fees please!
  • Post-intro-period – How beneficial is the card after the intro period?

Based on the above requirements, right here are MyBankTracker’s suggestions for the best balance transfer credit card offers to think about:

Discover it®

Apply for this card if: You want the lengthiest offered 0 % APR initial period and a credit card that’s still beneficial after the intro duration.

– Pros: 0 % Intro APR on balance transfers for 18 months, provides money back

– Cons: 3% balance transfer fee

When your balance transfer card has currently served its function of assisting you remove debt, exactly what’s next? Typically, you put that card aside or close it. That most likely will not hold true if you’ve the Discover it ® card.

To begin, the card comes with a 0 % initial APR on balance transfers for 18 months (3 % balance transfer cost does use) – a generous quantity of time to work on your debt.

Even when the introductory duration is over, you’ll still be entrusted an excellent money back credit card that provides 5 % money back on particular purchase categories that rotate quarterly. All other purchases make 1 % cash money back.

Not just that, the Discover it ® card can have a relatively-low basic APR of 10.99 % to contribute to useful benefits like free monthly FICO credit ratings and no foreign deal charges.

If you want a balance transfer card worthwhile of keeping for the long run, choose the Discover it ® card.

Chase Slate

Apply for this card if: You wish to prevent the major costs of balance transfers.

Best Balance Transfer Credit Card Offers for Debt Consolidation 2014– Pros: 0 % Introduction APR on balance transfers for 15 months, $0 balance transfer charge for 60 days

– Cons: High regular APR

A wonderful balance transfer credit card has no balance transfer fee and a nice, long 0 % APR on balance transfers. That’s exactly what you’ll get with the Chase Slate card.

You are taking a look at no interest charges on balance transfers (and purchases) for 15 months and there’s no balance transfer charge if the balance transfer is performed in the first 60 days following account opening.

Make sure you can eliminate your debt within 15 months due to the fact that the APR jumps to 12.99 % to 22.99 %. After that initial period, Chase Slate just becomes a rather mundane credit card without any noteworthy rewards or advantages.

One caveat: Like lots of lenders, Chase doesn’t permit balance transfers in between their own charge card (i.e. Chase Freedom, Chase Sapphire and Chase Sapphire Preferred). It makes good sense considering that they don’t wish to let you default interest paid to them!

U.S. Bank Visa Platinum Card

Apply for this card if: You want a low-interest credit card after the intro period ends.

– Pros: 0 % Introduction APR on balance transfers for 15 months, low routine APR

– Cons: 3% balance transfer fee

Just due to the fact that you got rid of your debt does not mean that it’ll not come back. Some people could still beware about their monetary scenario, which could require a low-interest charge card to fend off financial obligation. The U.S. Bank Visa Platinum Card fits that function.

The card features an initial APR of 0 % on balance transfers for 15 months (3 % balance transfer cost applies) and the regular APR varies from 9.99 % to 23.99 %.

Even when the introductory duration ends, you can still be left with a low-interest card that’ll decrease your interest charges.

Barclaycard Ring Mastercard

Apply for this card if: You really want free balance transfers, for life.

– Pros: Free balance transfers, 1 % statement credit on balance transfers made in very first 60 days

– Cons: No introductory APR

The balance transfer fee is often the most uncomfortable upfront expense of moving a credit card balance. Whenever possible, you wish to avoid it. Making use of the Barclaycard Ring MasterCard, you’ll never need to pay a balance transfer fee.

While other credit cards have tempting introductory offers and have terms modification later on, the Ring MasterCard keeps a stable 8 % APR with no balance transfer fees, ever. In addition, there’s a reward that includes a 1 % statement credit on balance transfers made throughout the first 60 days of cardmembership. The statement credit perk makes for among the best balance credit card provides when you expect to pay off your balance quickly.

When you find that you are beginning to hold a balance from month to month, just move the balance to the Ring MasterCard for free and enjoy a very low rate of interest. No intro duration here – you can do that any time you desire.

Plus, see some other methods to use the Ring MasterCard’s free balance transfers and cut down on interest payments.

Noteworthy Alternative: PenFed Pledge Visa Card

Apply for this card if: You desire more time to tackle your financial obligation.

Best Balance Transfer Credit Card Offers for Debt Consolidation 2014– Pros: 4.99 % Intro APR on balance transfers for 48 months, no balance transfer fee

– Cons: No 0 % APR initial period

Faced with a mountain of financial obligation, you’ll need more time – 18 months couldn’t be enough. Instead of enjoying a short 0 % APR initial period, you can benefit more if you got a longer introductory period at a low APR.

The PenFed Pledge Visa Card offers an introductory APR of 4.99 % APY on balance transfers for a massive 48 months. And, there’s never a balance transfer fee!

That’s an amazingly-low interest rate for an unsecured credit line. To delight in that low rate for 4 years is even more astounding.

If you believe you can eliminate your credit card financial obligation within 18 months approximately, choose the other cards on the list. If not, think about the PenFed Guarantee Visa Card.

Note: To join, you need to be or associated with a military service member, a civil servant or a member of an eligible company. Those who don’t certify can quickly contribute $15 or $20 an organization that makes them eligible for subscription.

Do not believe you need a balance transfer credit card? Rather, have a look at MyBankTracker’s list of best low interest credit cards – they are much better if you are looking for a credit card and expecting to bring a balance.

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