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One of the most age-old banks in the world is now offering a rewards credit card to customers in the United States. The Barclays Benefits MasterCard is an additional in the recent trend of charge card providings that go back to essentials with an uncomplicated, non-rotating incentives system.

Barclays guarantees that the Incentives MasterCard will offer cardholders with extra rewards for the things they purchase most every day. Let us have a look at whether or not the Barclays Benefits MasterCard meets its pledges.

First, a Little History

Barclays has actually been around for more than 300 years. The creators began as goldsmith lenders in Lombard Street, London, in 1690. The name did not consist of ‘Barclay’ up until the son-in-law of among the creators signed up with the company. Gradually, the name evolved, and Barclays is one of the most trusted and well-known banks worldwide.

Through the centuries, Barclays has assisted finance quick passenger ships, auto makers, and mass transit systems. The bank even remained open during the Blitz of 1940, when the Luftwaffe bombed London. Barclays was likewise accountable for the UK’s first charge card, the Barclaycard, and the world’s first ATM. Today, Barclays sponsors sports teams and youth campaigns.

Now, Barclays is working to establish itself in the United States, and one of its providings is the Barclays Rewards MasterCard.

How This Card Works

The Barclays Benefits MasterCard includes a simple points rewards system. You receive two points for each dollar spent when you purchase gas and groceries. You likewise get 2 points per dollar for utility payments made with your credit card. All other purchases make one point for each dollar.

You can redeem your points like cash to spend for investments you’ve actually already made, implying that your points are essentially redeemed for statement credit. This system suggests that you don’t have to worry about power outage dates and other limitations on benefit redemption. Barclays doesn’t limit your capacity to earn points and cash back/statement credit.

Because there are no classification rotations, you don’t have to register to get your rewards each quarter. You simply make purchases as constantly to get your incentives points.

Other Benefits

You won’t pay a yearly cost with the Barclays Benefits MasterCard. Furthermore, there’s a 0 % APR on purchases, helpful for YEAR. Barclays is likewise a running reward promo. You get 5,000 benefit points after your first acquisition, and then another 5,000 points after spending $750 in competent acquisitions in 90 days – enough to redeem for $100.

Barclays won’t charge you a charge if you’re over the credit limit.

As with lots of other credit cards, you receive conventional benefits, consisting of $0 fraud liability, travel insurance, and other benefits. This card has MasterCard perks, and you get them depending upon which account you end up with. Platinum, World, and World Elite perks apply, relying on which version of MasterCard you receive as your Barclays Benefits MasterCard.


While you won’t pay an annual cost, and you do not need to fret about over the limitation charges, there are some other costs associated with this card. After the introductory period ends, you’ll have to pay interest on held balances. Right now, you’ll pay 14.99 %, 19.99 %, or 24.99 %, relying on your credit circumstance.

The money advance APR is 25.24 %, and there’s a penalty APR that can result if you pay late. The penalty APR can be approximately 27.24 % The regular balance transfer APR is 4 % (or $10, whichever is more), and there’s a foreign deal cost of 3 %.

With the Barclays Rewards MasterCard there’s also the possibility of paying a late charge of $35 and a returned payment fee of $35. So, if you pay late, you’ll have to pay the charge, and you can be subject to the higher penalty APR.


The major perk of the Barclays Benefits MasterCard is the charitable bonus points on daily purchases like groceries, gas, and utilities. This indicates that you don’t have to bother with registering for various categories each quarter. The types of purchases that garner you incentive points also make it easy to integrate your charge card spending into your routine spending plan. Considering that you buy gas and groceries regularly, this card rewards you for common acquisitions, rather than requiring you to go out of your method for entertainment and dining establishments to get more points.

Additionally, the ease of redeeming incentives, and the fact that there are no blackouts and no limitations, makes this program simple and easy to take care of. The benefit cash back, and the 12-month introductory APR, are also terrific functions.

It’s likewise a nice touch that there’s no over the limit charge, along with no annual fee.


In order to participate in the incentives program, your account has to be in great standing. Also, checked out the small print considering that there are account task requirements related to this card.

It’s likewise a bit frustrating that there are foreign deal fees. Many credit cards are moving away from these fees, and one would hope that a bank with an international reputation and presence wouldn’t charge foreign deal charges.

The ‘regular’ balance transfer fee of 4 % is likewise a little on the high end, there are cards that’ll do it for 3 %.

Who This Card Is Best For

The Barclays Incentives MasterCard is perfect for somebody who’s interested in making extra rewards for everyday acquisitions. It’s best for the customer who puts all of his/her groceries and gas on the charge card and then pays the balance at the end of the month. It’s also a terrific card for those who can arrange to pay their utilities instantly by credit card, you can get double the points without having to think of it.

Someone who frequently carries balances and who’s fair credit most likely will not see lots of profit from this card, because the rate of interest will be on the high end and offset the value of the rewards points.