air traffic controller

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There are so many aspects that enter into assessing whether your profession is truly right for you. However one, unquestionably, is the age at which you can stop doing the occupation that’s right for you.

So have a look at this list of jobs and markets with early retirement or other terrific retirement benefits, and consider exactly how yours stack up. There might still be time to end up being an air traffic controller yet.

Air Traffic Controllers

Want to retire at 50? Then work your ways up into an air travel tower, where you are cleared to take off work at any age after 25 years of service, or at 50 with 20 years of service.


… And the individuals on the other end of the airplane radio do not have it bad either: the typical flyboy in United Airlines’ retirement strategies makes $23,476 each year.

Aircraft Manufacturers

Not to be neglected, individuals making those radios likewise have it respectable too, receiving a typical retirement contribution from their employers of $2.87 per hour worked.

Police Officers

No one deserves it more than the guys and ladies putting on badges, who can usually retire after simply 20 years of service with a pension equal to half their salary.

Utilities Workers

Thanks to strong unions, employees working in electrical power, water, sewage, or nuclear power sectors receive as much as $6.56 per hour pursued their retirement.

Information Innovation Employees

While a significant step down from $6.56, United States Information and World Report found that infotech employees came in a distant second to utilities employees, with the sector balancing a company contribution of $2.76 per hour worked. Microsoft is specifically generous, matching 50 % as much as 6 % of an employee’s salary.


While retirement strategies can vary widely throughout the consulting sector, industry giant Deloitte topped a recent Exchange Journal ranking of private business’ annual retirement contributions with around $30,806.

Surgeons and Oral Surgeons

Of course, there’s no retirement plan that can match the freedom provided by making boatloads of money in your working years, suggesting these 2 top-paying positions (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics) could be able to retire earlier and more easily than practically everybody else.