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Two weeks ago, in honor of Mom’s Day, we asked you advantageous cash lesson you learned for your mothers. Numerous of you left incredible remarks about all the ideas you discovered, and we are delighted that so many of our readers started their money lessons at a young age.

We received some fantastic and special money-savvy remarks, however there can only one winner. Our winner is Malika Touré, who snagged a $50 Amex gift card! Right here is exactly what Malika wrote:

Put money aside from every paycheck that you know you are not going to play at. Don’t tell yourself that you are conserving up to BUY something … You are saving up to START something.

Great assistance! Altering the mentality of how you approach your cost savings could yield much better outcomes. Make sure you make use of those savings accounts sensibly!

Here are the runners-up:

Charlie Anderson writes,

She reviewed every [phone] costs revealing me where the cash went: every call I made was tallied and I was informed to pay my share. It assist me to recognize how crucial conserving is.

And Ron Shevlin writes,

Best recommendations I received from my mom came after we watching TV and there was a story about some guy who got apprehended for stealing $50 from a bank. She informed me:
‘Son, if you are going to rob a bank, steal a LOT of money. It’s unworthy getting caught for $50.’

How’s that for maternal smarts?

Thanks for all your submissions! Make certain to check back with MyBankTracker as we remain to bring you more wonderful content and free gifts.

Congratulations, Malika!