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If you goinged on summertime vacation with your household this year, you might’ve observed that airfares have gone up. However why? According to Yahoo! Finance, among the reasons is the truth that there have been more airline mergers in recent times.

Since 2005, the variety of significant airlines has dropped to 5 from 9, thanks in huge part to mergers. Yahoo! Finance reports that the government just declined a merger in between U.S. Airways and American Airlines in the name of keeping airlines tickets under control for consumers, but for many fliers, it’s too late.

Fees, Fees, and More Fees

The write-up mentions that costs are increasingly becoming a substantial source of incomes for airlines. I keep in mind a time when I did not need to fret about the number of bags I brought along, they all flew free of cost. Then, airlines introduced costs for a second inspected bag. Now there are extremely few airlines that even enable you to examine one bag completely free.

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Fees keep on rising also. You pay premium fares if you desire more leg space (read: a seat on the emergency aisle), and you may pay additional even for meals and drinks that made use of to be complementary. Some airlines also recently increased what they charge for modifications to a ticket, it can cost as much as $200 now. And when one airline raises charges, the others often follow suit, leaving customers unable to switch.

There are a few bright areas, consisting of JetBlue, which still has lower charges than numerous various other airlines, and Southwest, which has yet to pile on the charges. But how soon till these airlines partner with the group?