I have taken many webinars and review much more posts about setting and reaching objectives, and numerous progress record-keeping approaches. What I am doing this year I’ve actually never ever seen anywhere in the past.

Two things added to this idea: Dealing with a company plan for 2014 and watching a set of videos by Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul) about book publishing. One point Jack said was worth the hours I invested seeing those videos, “To obtain your book released you’ve to take five actionable steps a day.” That advice can put on any goal a person has, whether releasing a book or learning to play an instrument. It does not matter what your objectives are, you just need to move forward.

When I heard that I remembered that my company plan consisted of five areas to work this year. To use Jack’s insight, I could work on something in each area every day and get someplace– hopefully where I wanted to be. Or, I can do 5 things for one location for a week and afterwards move to the next area the next week, and so on. In a five-week period, I’d cover the entire plan then begin over.

How I resolve it does not matter, at this point. Exactly what matters is exactly how I’m going to keep this plan in front of my face.

Thinking With Efficiency Systems

Some folks suggest the whiteboard. I enjoy whiteboards however mine constantly gets removed. Doesn’t matter exactly how difficult I try to safeguard it, a kid will choose to draw me an image, a teenager will brush up against it reaching for something, or I might need that area to write something else.

I can just compose it down on paper and tack it to the bulletin board system. Then I discover a killer quote and write it down and tack that to the bulletin board system. Then a little boy drawing gets tacked to the bulletin board system, and the next thing you know, business plan gets buried under other things.

Do not even think there’s a famous put on my desk for this notepad. Creatives are untidy.

I can get with the times and put my business strategy in Evernote or some other software application developed for saving things. Trouble is, I need to keep in mind to open those programs and check my to-do list, goals list, and company plan.

I am middle-aged. I do not keep in mind like I made use of to.

Even if I pasted my plan in the back of a paper organizer, I ‘d have to keep in mind the coordinator existed, and afterwards I ‘d need to remember where I set the coordinator (probably under a stack on my desk) prior to I can examine it for the day-to-day “5 actionable steps.”

My Creative Visual for Reaching Goals

No. I needed to put my plan somewhere where it would be in my face every single day without getting buried, eliminated, or forgotten. That’s when it attacked me … my desktop. My virtual desktop. This is what I did.

I drew a diagram on a notepad with five sections.

At the top of each area, I wrote a label to define a category for my business strategy.

goal worksheet with headings

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This worksheet is as an example purposes only.

I then filled out what I wish to perform in 2014 for each area of my plan.

goal worksheet filled in

This worksheet is for instance functions only. This doesn’t reflect my goals for the year.

Next, I scanned that paper into the computer system and set it as my desktop wallpaper. Now, each time I open my laptop computer, there’s my company strategy right in front of my face. Easy-peasy.

goal worksheet on desktop