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Insurance business commonly get despair for what’s not covered in a typical policy. But a standard homeowner’s policy – commonly referred to as an HO-3 – does have clauses that cover you in ways you may not expect. And even if you aren’t covered under a conventional policy, you could find out that there are endorsements tied to your policy that provide additional coverage you didn’t realize you had.

It’s essential to assess your homeowner’s insurance policy carefully to see what puts on you. but you might be shocked to know that these 7 things are covered under many conventional policies or as part of low-priced endorsements that are often consistently included.

1. Spoiled Food

A typical policy will cover the loss of up to $500 in food if your freezer or refrigerator stops working due to a power outage.

2. Tombstones

If a grave marker of a liked one is harmed, the insurance company will pay for repairs, generally up to $5,000. It’s important to note that severe markers should be developed as your ‘personal effects’ for them to be covered. (In essence, you’re covered if you’re the one who bought the plot.) So that’s something to bear in mind when burying a liked one.

3. Dog Bites

If your pet bites somebody and causes injury, most policies will cover that person’s clinical expenses, even if the bite didn’t happen on your home. The majority of policies also cover clinical costs for various other injuries where an insured individual is at fault, and will pay for legal expenditures if you’re sued. (Check your policy to be sure of restrictions to this liability coverage.)

4. Kids and Their Stuff at College

Under most policies, the ‘insured’ includes anyone in your home along with anyone under 24 who’s attending university full time. However, policies aren’t crystal clear on whether this applies just to students living in dormitory, so it could also be a good idea to get affordable tenants insurance if they’re living off campus.

5. Volcanic Eruptions

This may not relate to you unless you live in Hawaii, but it’s good to know that if lava is flowing toward your house, you’re covered. Remember, however, that a lot of standard policies won’t cover loss due to earthquakes or tremors.

6. Identity Theft

It can be traumatic to find out that someone has stolen your individual info, and cases of determine theft can cost sufferers thousands of dollars, not to point out the time and anxiety of taking care of police, attorneys, and monetary institutions to obtain your case dealt with. Luckily, lots of homeowner’s policies will repay you for expenses you sustain when working to resolve an identification theft case. This can include attorney’s costs, travel expenses, as well as lost salaries if you’ve to miss work. Some policies will even cover things like babysitting and elder care if you require them while you fix the identification fraud case.

Note: In many cases, identity fraud coverage isn’t part of the standard HO-3, but an unique recommendation. But such recommendations are typically routinely included without residents even knowing it. Inspect your policy.

7. Some Flood Damage

Typically, if your home floods, you’re out of luck, unless you purchase flood insurance coverage. However, lots of policies do have endorsements that cover flood damage in some instances. I recently saved countless dollars in repair works when I learned that my policy really did cover repair works resulting from a fallen short sump pump. Inspect your policy to see if it includes such an arrangement.

8. Your Bike, Even 3,000 Miles From Home

Most policies include ‘off areas’ protection for your personal property. (It’s the exact same clause that covers your child’s property when she’s away at college.) One Wise Bread IT staffer found the value of this when his very pricey exploring bike was stolen midway with his cross-country bike tour – all the means on the various other side of the continent. He called his agent, and soon he’d the funds to change the bike and continue pedaling.

In addition to securing your home from theft or loss, off areas protection provides liability security, too. That suggests if you shank a drive through the picture window of your home edging the fairway, your insurer picks up the tab. Amounts differ based upon your total coverage amounts, so inspect your policy for the details.

Anything unusual in your homeowner’s insurance?