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Like most Hawaii citizens, I like Costco.

With the cost of a gallon of regional milk as high as $9 and that of a gallon of gas currently above $4, Costco is the patron saint of tight-budget students and sales-chasing mamas in Hawaii. But the love for the big box retailer does not end in Hawaii: Costco hases more than 460 places in 43 U.S. states and Puerto Rico.

Since you do not requirement a gallon of mayonnaise or 3-pound bag of tortilla chips that often, you may decide that the $55 membership charge is a bit steep. Right here is ways to get around dropping 5 Hamiltons and a Lincoln and still delight in Costco’s low prices.

1. Use the Drug store and Immunization Services

Costco’s gatekeepers can not hold you up if you exist to buy products to which access is shielded by Federal law. This means that you can still make the drug store and immunization services at any Costco storage facility.

You can fill brand-new prescribeds, fill up existing prescribeds, or move prescribeds at the Costco Pharmacy. Even much better, you do not even have to leave your the home of make Costco Drug store services. You can purchase online and have your medications delivered free of cost by means of standard USPS within 6 to 14 days. This is rather convenient and lets you optimize your day to the fullest.

If you don’t have access to free immunizations, Costco typically offers the most affordable costs for flu ($14.99) and pneumonia shots ($69.78). Costco likewise offers Hepatitis A and B, HPV, Meningitis, Shingles, Tetanus/Whooping Cough, and Twinrix immunizations. Call the warehouse in advance to check accessibility and rates.

2. Gain access to Hearing and Optical Services

Another 2 services secured by Federal law are hearing and optical services. By letting the gatekeepers know that you want to use the optical or hearing services, you can enter the storage facility. Nevertheless, make sure that the stockroom provides these services. The simplest means to consider for this is by considering the ‘Hearing Aids’ and ‘Optical Department’ boxes when looking for storage facilities at Costco’s website.

Most Costco Optical locations provide an independent doctor of optometry on website. Call the storage facility beforehand to set up a visit.

Costco typically offers special listening devices occasions to show the current technologies. Examine the schedule for upcoming demonstrations at choose Costco Listening devices Centers around the country. Some of these events provide free samples. Let the Costco worker at the door know that you’re planning to attend the occasion, and they’ll let you in.

Keep in mind that you do need a membership to get glasses, contact lenses, or listening devices equipment. Or you can also use the $10 money card technique revealed below.

3. Window Shopping at Costco

If you actually have to see a low cost to believe it, you may want to scope out rates prior to making a decision on subscription. Unlike Sam’s Club, Costco does not offer one-day passes. This does not indicate that you can not enter to browse around items, nevertheless.

When fulfilling the subscription card checker at the entrance, mention to the rep that you’d like to go to membership services and ask even more info about subscription. Head to the service desk, get the application and tell them that you wish to search around the establishment prior to comprising your mind. That’s it, now you are complimentary to go around and get the most up to date scoop on rates so that you can compare them to those of other establishments.

4. Buy With a Costco Cash Card

Let us say that after comparing all rates, you found that the flat-screen TELEVISION of your dreams is certainly less costly at Costco by numerous hundred dollars. Now what?

The means to purchase anything on Costco without a subscription is with the Costco Cash Card. According to Costco’s site, ‘non-members may utilize the money cards to patronize any Costco place in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and online at or on Costco. ca.’

The tricky part is that you need to be a Costco member to acquire or refill money cards. One method to get around that’s to ask a pal or relative with a Costco subscription to buy you a $10 prepaid money card. Some shops may just have $25 cash cards readily available. Another is to purchase a Costco Present Card online. You can make use of the money card to get into Costco and spend for part of your purchase. You can then pay the staying balance with money, debit card, or American Express master card.

Also, cash money cards are accepted at Costco gas stations.

5. Shop Online

If you’ve no idea any Costco members, then you still have a possibility to access Costco prices. You can look for your product at and, if readily available, get it.

The advantage of buying online is that you can use non-American Express master card, which aren’t accepted at Costco storage facilities. The disadvantage is that you’re dinged with a 5 % surcharge, meanings that that your purchase needs to be less than $1,100 for it to make sense not paying the $55 membership fee.

6. Buy Booze

The availability of alcohol in your local state relies on both company policy and state regulation. However in several states, such as California, for-profit subscription stores can not leave out the general public from buying alcoholic beverages.

A Costco employee confirms that you can get liquor without membership when state law and business policy enable it, nevertheless, the employee likewise keeps in mind that a lot of workers do not know this policy and could call a manager to confirm. Simply be patient, and if the state law is on your side, you can secure your right to purchase more affordable liquor. Your cashier will use a ’99,’ a generic membership number that requires supervisor override, and you can pay making cash money or accepted debit card or American Express credit card.

7. Dine the Outside Food Court

$1.99 for pizza pieces and $1.50 for hotdog and soda combo are as excellent as it gets. At numerous Costcos around the nation, consisting of all the ones in the Hawaiian Islands, the food court is outside. This implies that you can get all items on their menu without a membership. Keep in mind to bring modification since food courts take only cash money.

Do you understand other ways to benefit from Costco without a membership? Kindly share in remarks.