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Even if you just have $25 a week, you can still make your cash work for you.

How? Over on Quora, a user asked the neighborhood exactly what they’d recommend he do with his restricted cash money, and they were full of ideas.

Here are our favorite answers:

1. Set up an emergency fund.

‘Look around, you may get 2 % [rate of interest], and keep putting it in till you’ve six months worth of living expenses saved up. This may take a while, however it’s worth it. It’ll certainly protect you against monetary disaster. 2 % mightn’t sound like much, but it’ll offset inflation. This is emergency situation cash, it should not be in stocks, shared funds or basically anything but a safe investing account. Don’t lock it in for extended time frames.’ –Mike Davey

2. Pay off your debts.

‘First off, if you’ve any charge card or other financial obligation, pay it off first. The interest you conserve from that’ll certainly exceed exactly what you can obtain from many financial investments.’ David Down

3. Treat people to coffee.

‘I ‘d say use it to take coaches, individuals of influence, previous colleagues, etc. out for coffee or lunch. Increasing your network and sphere of influence is much more most likely to pay off in the long run than the market returns on such a small financial investment.’ Elizabeth Baum Milne

4. Start on your own business.

‘$25 a week is plenty … that’s $1,300 a year, and you can reinvest your profits until it grows. I began my speaking with company less than two years earlier after freelancing for a couple of years. I invested about $500 for the LLC, EIN, internet site, and cards. The income in 2013 had to do with $90,000, and I was just working part-time since I lead a nonprofit (my dream task). I currently had those abilities and network, but if you begin small and think huge, you could pass me 100-fold.’ -Frankie Fredericks

5. Learn something new.

‘I advise you invest your $25 weekly to acquire knowledge. Invest a long time together with your money. In this method you’ll certainly find out the steps to take, the abilities, to acquire the behaviors and mindsets to cultivate in order to become the individual you need to be, to do what you wish to do.’ Ken Portnoy

6. Increase your online presence.

‘My suggestion is that you upgrade to a premium LinkedIn account so you can easily meet new people. Or you can just get a premium website, learn some Search Engine Optimization, and get your website online, and if you’ve some terrific content, you can draw in cash (advertisement).’ Egeogho Carlson Kimbi

7. Start your own website.

‘For $25 you can get a domain and established an internet site. Believe which subject or a couple of subjects you know the very best. Begin blogging or compose the articles around these topics … Then study ways to drive traffic to your site – tons of free info available. Then check out money making. In many conservative way, you’ll certainly see $25 coming each week. If you’ll really dig into this you can make $25 off site even every hour.’ Magaril Pavel (who works in B2B sales and advertising)