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The New Year is upon us, and if you didn’t reach all your monetary goals in 2013, here’s your opportunity to start fresh.

Maybe you’re tired of being broke or feel that you haven’t provided your cost savings account much attention. You can’t undo the past, but you can enhance your future. Here are 7 monetary transfer to make in 2014.

1. Aim for a 3- to Six-Month Money Reserve

If you barely have enough in your savings to cover living expenses for one or two weeks, you should buckle down about conserving cash.

No one is immune to a task layoff, and a pink slip can come out of nowhere. A three- to six-month cash reserve, in conjunction with any unemployment payment, can be the thing that avoids financial destroy.

Start by constantly ‘paying yourself initially’ – putting money in cost savings prior to you can invest it. Then examine your budget plan to see where you can cut down and save even more.

2. Remove High Interest Credit Cards

A credit card in your purse is great for emergencies. But it doesn’t do you much good if you’re paying a crazy high rate of interest. Take a look at your credit card statements. If you’ve excellent credit, yet you’re paying beyond what a 13 % rate, begin searching for a brand-new card. With a high score you must quickly get a rate of 10 % or lower, or maybe a card with a 0 % introductory rate.

3. Pay Down Debt

Nothing great comes from excessive credit card debt. Too much consumer debt decreases your credit score, and if you obtain a loan or charge card, a high credit application ratio can trigger a rejection.

Get major about financial obligation elimination and create a strategy to pay for your charge card. Even if you can just increase your minimum payments by a small amount, something is better than nothing. Cut your cards in half to get rid of any spending temptation, and use your disposable cash (after feeding your cost savings account) and reward money to debt.

4. Enhance Your Retirement Contributions or Start Preparing for Retirement

If you’re adding to an employer-sponsored 401(k), look at your finances to see if you can enhance your contributions. This can give your retirement cost savings a boost, specifically if your employer matches contributions. And if you haven’t begun retirement planning, make this your year to begin. Take part in your employer’s 401(k) strategy or talk to a financial organizer about beginning an Individual Retirement Account.

5. Downsize If You’re House Poor

If most of your income goes towards housing, and you don’t have money for savings and additionals, accept truth and make plans to downsize in 2014.

Whether you’re renting or buying, moving into a smaller sized, less expensive home can lift a substantial problem from your shoulder and provide some wiggle room. And with the extra earnings you might pay down charge card debt or increase your money reserves.

6. Determine Bad Spending Habits

Impulse shopping, getting things to keep up with others, and shopping without a list might explain why you’ve absolutely nothing in cost savings. If you want to take control of your cash, you should recognize where your cash goes, and the spending habits that can leave you broke.

Go with your charge card and bank statements. The amount of did you invest on garments, eating in restaurants, getaways, and electronics throughout the year? Furthermore, determine what encouraged these purchases. For instance, do you spend when you’re bored or disturbed? Or do you get to support an image?

Understanding why you invest and changing your frame of mind can assist you save in 2014.

7. Order Your Credit Report

Every consumer is entitled to one complimentary credit record each year from If you didn’t order your report in 2012, put this on your order of business for 2014. Or much better yet, order your report today. It only takes a few minutes to confirm your identity and gain access to your records.

Once your records are viewable, inspect to make sure that all accounts are precise and updated. If you presume identity theft, there’s a link online to file a conflict.

How do you prepare to improve your financial circumstance in 2014? Let me know in the remarks below.