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It’s 2014, likewise known as the year we all should free ourselves of the long, unpleasant shuffle of cash and pencil-drawn arithmetic that happens each time the bill comes after a nice supper out with friends. Why? Due to the fact that there’s an app for that – actually, there are 6 of ’em – and you’ve currently verified you require it. Plus waitresses across the globe are tired of splitting the expense in between 3 cards and a crumpled up fistfull of money.

Read on for our roundup of the top six apps made to alleviate the burden of shared expenses. (Note: If you’re the type to try and dodge spending for the guacamole everyone tasted, there’s not an app out there that’ll help you with that.)

1. Splitwise

This complimentary internet and mobile app assists close friend settle up everything from shared vacation expenditures to the electric costs. It’s an organizer that allows huge groups of individuals to jointly break down all types of expenses and see exactly what they owe. All information is kept in the cloud, so it can be accessed and shared from anywhere. The app also provides users mediation tools consisting of a fairness calculator to help settle conflicts.

2. Divvy

Divvy is a fast and simple three-step financial obligation inhabitant app for iPhone users. It works like this: Snap a photo of the costs with your phone, drag each product to the name of the person who ordered it, and see just how much everybody owes. Reward: You can inspect that you have actually been charged the appropriate amount for each product before detailing the order. Divvy is 99 cents in the App Establishment.

3. Cover

Some of the leading restaurants in New York and San Francisco are now enabling clients to pay with Cover, a complimentary bill-paying app that enables groups of individuals big and little to split and pay the check without ever having to flag down the attendant. Never once more will certainly you be stuck waiting for the costs. Simply inform your attendant that you’ll be paying with Cover when you take a seat to dine at any of the 113 dining establishments that support the app. Cover is totally free, readily available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and works best if everybody at the table is registered.

4. Billr

Groups of as much as 16 people can utilize this app to sort and split the costs, plus add gratuity. All you need to do plug in the rate of each dish. You can then reveal each person their personalized costs on your phone screen or send a text that shows the breakdown of everyone’s financial obligations. Billr is $1.99 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

5. Advanced Bill Splitter

This Android-friendly app is free and performs much like its Apple supported equivalent Billr. Just plug in everyone’s order, consisting of split items like that bottle of Malbec, and the app will certainly spit out personalized meal totals for each diner. A lot easier than breaking out the calculator.

6. Receipt Ninja

Perfect for road trips and weekend vacations with close friends, Receipt Ninja lets you track and break down shared expenditures on numerous receipts. It’s a fantastic means to divvy up gas, tolls, lunch, and hotel charges all in one fell swoop. You can also export the data in spreadsheet form directly to Excel. And it’s supported by both Apple and Android mobile devices. There’s a totally free version, but if you want to stay clear of those frustrating ads you’ll have to cough up $2.99 in the App Shop.

How do you settle up at the end of the night? Kindly share in remarks!