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As we age, there are numerous benefits to anticipate, including retirement, time for travel and pastimes, knowledge, and the happiness of being a grandparent. In some cases, fortunately, retirement indicates a decline in earnings and spending. Lots of businesses recognize this reality and offer price cuts to elderly people.

Below is a list of 40 dining establishments that might provide consumers (some beginning at age 55) a discount for their company.

Fast Food

Many fast food restaurants will provide a price cut, which ranges from 5 % -15 % as well as a decreased rate coffee or soft drink. Discount rates might differ from area to location, make sure to ask prior to you order.


10 % price cut for those over 55.

Burger King

10 % discount rate for those 60 and older.

Captain D’s

Discount on choose days (usually Sundays and Wednesdays) for seniors 62 and older.

Carl’s Jr.

10% discount on meal or drink.


Free little drink or coffee plus a 10 % price cut for those 55 and older.

Del Taco

10 % discount or a free beverage for consumers 55 and over.


Small drinks are 33 cents with the purchase of a meal for those 65 and older.

Jack in the Box

Seniors 55 and older can save 20 %.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Free small drink with the purchase of a meal for those 55 and older.

Long John Silvers

Discounts vary by area for those 55 and older.


Discounted coffee and soft drink for consumers over 55.


10 % price cut or a free beverage for customers 55 and older.


10 % discount rate or a free drink for senior citizens 55 and over.


10% discount.

Taco Bell

A free beverage for senior citizens or 5 % off to seniors 65 and older.


10 % discount on your purchase if you’re over 55.


Offers a complimentary drink or a 10 % discount.

White Castle

10 % discount rates for clients 62 and over.

Casual Dining

Whether you’re sitting down for morning meal, lunch, or supper, these dining establishments offer you price cuts on your meal. Some offer a senior menu (which might’ve smaller parts in addition to a lower price), but be sure to check on the value, if you’re a big eater or want to take leftovers house, the regular menu may be a better value for your dollar.


10 % -15 % off on your meal if you’re 55 or older.

Bob Evans

Senior Menu for those 55 and older.

Boston Market

10 % discount rate for elders 65 and older.

Chili’s Grill and Bar

10 % discount for elders 55 and older.

CiCi’s Pizza

Seniors 60 and over get a 10 % discount rate.


Customers 60 and older receive a 10 % discount.


Senior Menu for 55 and older, AARP members get bigger discounts.

Golden Corral

10% off to customers over 60.

Hometown Buffet/Ryan’s / Country Buffet and Others

Sign up for a discount rate card and get bargains and coupons all year long.


Senior Menu for those 55 and older.

O’Charley’s Restaurant

10 % off for customers 60 and over.

Papa John’s

Save 25 % if you’re over 55 or an AARP member when you purchase online using the coupon code ‘AARP25’.

Steak and Shake

Customers 55 and over can get a 10 % discount rate on Mondays and Tuesdays however locations differ, call ahead.

Waffle House

10 % off your meal on Mondays for consumers 60 and older.

Desserts and Treats

When you need a sweet treat or a terrific dessert, you can continue to score discount rates at these wonderful dining establishments.

Ben and Jerry’s

10 % discount for elders 60 and over.

Dairy Queen

10 % discount or free drink for those 55 and older.

Dunkin Donuts

Free donut with the purchase of a coffee.


Discounts are available for those 60 and older, inquire at each place for specifics.

Krispy Kreme

10 % off for those clients 55 and older.

Mrs. Fields

10 % price cut for clients 60 and older.


10 % price cut for customers 55 and older,

Additional Discounts and Tips

Ask at every dining establishment you see. Even those not on this and dining establishments regional to you might provide discounts. Also, if you happen to be an AARP member, you can save even more by revealing your subscription card. They also offer price cuts for getting gift cards to restaurants through a partnership with If you belong to AARP, it may be worth looking into those bargains prior to dining out.

Many of these price cuts could differ by location, it’s best to offer them a call prior to going and expecting a discount. Make sure to bring your recognition to show your age, in case the dining establishment demands to see evidence prior to providing a discount.

For much more discount rates available to seniors, check out or

What’re your preferred senior discount rates? Happy share in comments.