I realize I am a weird animal. My palms tingle a little bit when I approach a thrift store. All my senses sharpen. The remainder of the world fades into watercolor tones and smothered noises. I can park, grab my wallet, jump out, and lock my car in a single fluid Matrix-inspired motion. When inside, I can size up a thrift shop in seconds: Who’s the severe competition and who’s just browsing? Is the establishment too organized or wonderfully disorderly? Exactly what’s newly-stocked, and exactly what’s stale?

I’ve actually been a die-hard thrifter considering that I was 13 years of ages, and now, as I approach the midpoint of my 40’s, my love affair with thrifting has actually just deepened. If you are a severe second-hand shopper, you might acknowledge numerous of your own inspirations in the list that follows. And if you have never ever tried thrifting, consider all these needs to fall incredibly in love with it.

1. Where else can the typical person go on a real-life treasure hunt? (I’ll save you the click: Guy finds copy of an 1823 print of the Declaration of Independence, worth practically $500k, in a thrift shop!)

2. Saving 75 % on retail is just like getting a 75 % return on your money.

3. Utilized products are tried and true and (normally) come without surprises.

4. Those pre-owned denims are currently broken-in.

5. Buy great! Your purchases frequently assist fund charitable causes.

6. Thrifting is reusing at its most standard and beneficial level.

7. There are all different kinds of thrift establishments, and they’ve the tendency to have the widest, wildest, most unforeseeable stock in the business.

8. Because retail prices hurt!

9. If older ways made better, thrift stores have all the excellent things!

10. Thrift stores are the best places to discover a pricey weekend task.

11. You can furnish a dorm room or college apartment on a small.

12. Thrift establishments are windows into our culture – mix shopping with sociology.

13. Thrifting keeps your children from the mall (and that’s always an advantage).

14. You can never have too many copies of ‘I am OK, You are OK.’

15. In some cases, thrifting pays off huge. (Again, conserving you a click: North Carolina lady purchases abstract painting worth $20k for $9.99.)

16. Missing an unknown piece of your grandma’s china? Be client, you’ll ultimately discover it at a thrift establishment.

17. Retail emporiums are homogenous. Thrifting lets you discover something that no person else has.

18. When you are thrifting, you are not straight increasing the commercial need for more.

19. You can extol how much you conserved.

20. Because new books expense at least $14.99.

21. Thrift shops are a picker’s paradise. Classic clothes and other products can be flipped for earnings.

22. Shopping second hand sets a fantastic example for your kids. The value of thrift, imaginative reuse, and neighborhood support are worthy lessons!

23. Everything is prewashed and preshrunk. When a piece of thrift shop clothing fits you in the dressing room, you know it will fit when you get it home.

24. Thrifting can be just a little competitive (in a good way). The friendly competition in between major thrifters produces even more adoration than envy.

25. Every day is new. Stock turns over so quickly in some markets that you seldom see the very same things two times.

26. Thrift establishments are time capsules into pop culture history. Teach your kids about ALF, Rubik’s Cube, Etch A Sketch, lava lamps, and Milli Vanilli.

27. You can find items that have actually long since headed out of manufacturing. From out-of-print books to pants with the perfect cut, thrift establishments let’s find a few of our preferred things.

28. Since thrifting is not practically finding old stuff, there are brand-new items too!

29. Because your depression-era moms and dads or grandparents would be proud.

30. Thrifting is perhaps the most local and sustainable form of commerce.

31. Thrift stores are the best places to find back-to-school deals.

There you’ve it, my belated valentine to thrift-shopping. Obviously there are lots of more reasons to enjoy this half-sport half-science. What’re some of yours?

Are you a devoted thrift consumer? Why do you enjoy it? Exactly what’s been your finest discover to date? Kindly share a comment below (even a recycled one)!