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As America salivates over the $590 million Powerball prize won by a Floridian, we are advised that winning the lotto won’t solve all problems.

In reality many individuals’s lives became notably even worse after they got incredibly rich, and they managed to lose it all in no time.

The Griffiths purchased their dream home then life fell apart

Before they gained a $2.76 million lottery reward, Lara and Robert Griffith hardly ever said.

They bought a million-dollar residence and a Porsche.

But 18 months ago, 6 years after their succeed, Robert drove away in the Porsche after Lara confronted him over e-mails recommending he wanted another woman.

Their 14-year marriage was over, a freak fire gutted their home, and every penny of their fortune was gone.

Tirabassi is back in the working course after succeeding $10 million nine years ago

In 2004, Sharon Tirabassi, a single mom who’d actually been on well-being, cashed a check from the Ontario Lotto and Games Corp. for $10,569,00.10 (Canadian).

She subsequently spent her profits on a ‘huge residence, elegant vehicles, designer clothing, luxurious birthday bashes, unique journeys, handouts to family, loans to buddies’ and in less than a decade she’s back riding the bus, working part-time, and residing in a rented home.

Luckily Tirabassi put some of her windfall in trusts for her 6 kids, who can claim the cash when they turn 26.

Tonda Lynn Dickerson was required to pay present tax

A former Waffle Home waitress named Tonda Lynn Dickerson got served a huge plate of karma when she refused to split her payouts with ex-colleagues and was required to pay the tax man $1,119,347.90.

How did it occur? Dickerson placed her profits in a corporation and provided her household 51 percent of the stock – certifying her for the tax.