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In the day and age of online swap meets and the universality of reseller websites like Craigslist, eBay, and Etsy, there’s barely anything you can’t get secondhand any longer.

But should you?

For some products, saving a couple of bucks by purchasing them secondhand is not really worth the prospective safety or health risks involved.

We have created a listing of 17 items that you ought to always purchase new.

Bike helmets

When it concerns your safety, you need to never ever shop secondhand. Minor scratches or dings in helmets that you may be not able to spot right away can trigger their security rating to fall.

Buying tip: According to Bicycling Publication, some of the best bike helmets consist of the Giro Atmos, Louis Garneau Quartz and Bontrager Oracle.


Cribs can stand a lot of abuse from quick-tempered kids, but you wish to make sure your children are not put in hazard by a possibly damaged bed. According to The New York Times, problems with hazardous cribs brought about 150 deaths in between 2007 and 2010.

Buying tip: Squidoo recently assembled a listing of the top 10 child cribs for 2013.


Any small defect in a secondhand notebook will just get exacerbated gradually. You likewise do not have the luxury of a guarantee or customer support guarantee if you don’t buy it new yourself.

Buying tip: If you’re wanting to purchase something on the less costly side, a lot of retailers offer reconditioned products that are still covered by warranties. And significant electronics shops like Best Buy offer steep price cuts on screen models. Call around to ask beforehand.