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The shopping mall isn’t really the only location where customers blow cash on meaningless purchases.

‘We’re likely to spend money on something we don’t need if we get whatever we think is a good deal and assume the product may be useful eventually,’ says Danielle Lescure, a professional organizer.

Stumped on whether it deserves the cash? Ask yourself 2 questions:

-Does it serve a genuine purpose?

-Do I have someplace to keep it?

With the items on our list, your answers had better be NO.

Cable TV

With the introduction of Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, computer game shortcuts, Apple TELEVISION, and nearly every significant TELEVISION network posting programs online, there’s hardly a reason to spend lavishly on an expensive DVR system and even standard cable-so long as you’re willing to be patient.

Most shows are added a minimum of 24-hours after airing and some networks won’t offer them up until 8 days.

See 15 terrific options to cable TV right here.

Bank Fees


Banks clearly like to put you with charges at the drop of a hat, however that does not imply you have actually got to bear with it.

‘Consider choosing a credit union, which are better than banks in lots of methods, to stay clear of some of these fees,’states Andrew Schrage, founder of

‘ If you travel abroad commonly, ensure you utilize charge card without foreign deal fees, otherwise you’ll be paying an extra 3 % to 5 % on all your purchases. ‘

Extended Warranties

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Retailers push hard to sell you extended service warranties-and easily pump up their sales figures at the very same time.

Don’t do it, Schrage warns.

‘The only circumstances I ‘d advise a guarantee is in the case of a laptop computer. Otherwise, the guarantees themselves can commonly cost as much as just purchasing an utilized or brand-new replacement for your product, or repairing it,’he added.