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Depending on the size of your household, you might invest $400 or even more by consuming each meal out throughout a five-day road journey. Considering that you’ve to already pay the inflated price of gas, that can be an added expense you just cannot afford. Instead, consider loading your very own meals. By bringing meals and treats that keep everybody pleased, you can make use of the money on various other things, such as mementos and sightseeing – or, wait for your next vacation.

When packing meals for your trip, it’s necessary to keep it fresh. If you prepare meals, place them in freezer bags, remove excess air, and freeze them flat to make the most of cooler area. And if you prepare to stay at a hotel throughout your trip, book a space with a refrigerator and a microwave. Even if it costs somewhat even more than a space without, you’ll still save cash by eating in, rather than purchasing food from restaurants.

Food to Bring on Vacation

Here are some family favorites to think about loading on your next roadway trip:


1. Sloppy Joes
My household hardly ever eats these in the home, so having them on a trip is a good modification. If you whip up Careless Joe meat, shop it in quart-sized freezer bags so it’s much easier to serve. These are easy to put together, and the children enjoy them.

2. Meatloaf
Meatloaf is a practical meal, and it can stay frozen for a number of days into the trip if your cooler is appropriately packed. This is excellent for a main dish, and leftovers are excellent on sandwiches.

3. Tacos
To make tacos, merely brown a pound of ground turkey or beef, drain the fat, and include salsa and black beans. Let it simmer for a couple of mins, then cool and pack in quart-sized freezer bags. This can be served in taco layers or over a bed of lettuce and fresh tomatoes.


You could want to purchase a rotisserie chicken the day prior to you leave on vacation, and dice all the meat into little pieces. That can comprise the bulk of your lunches throughout the journey, and it’s extremely economical, as many rotisserie chickens only cost $5 to $7.

4. Chicken Salad
Simply mix diced chicken with enough mayonnaise to coat it, plus diced celery, quartered grapes, and sliced nuts. It’s quick, delicious, and cheap.

5. Chicken Tacos
Mix the diced chicken with sufficient salsa to coat it totally. In the hotel, microwave for about a minute and serve on soft flour tortillas with lettuce and diced tomatoes.

6. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches
Lunch does not get any less complex than this. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are wonderful for active days when you’re checking out vacationer spots, in addition to days when you’re traveling in the vehicle and do not want to stop at a bistro.

peanut butter and jelly


Breakfast must provide you with protein to assist keep you full when you’re active sightseeing, however it needs to also be easy to prepare.

7. Breakfast Burritos
Scramble and cook a dozen beaten eggs with diced pork or another protein of your option, along with diced green peppers. If you like, include salsa for added flavor. Then, fill a flour tortilla with about 1/3 cup of the egg blend and shredded cheese, and roll it up. Wrap it in foil and freeze. When you’re in the hotel, unwrap the foil, then cover the morning meal burrito in a paper towel. Microwave it for one minute if it’s defrosted, or two mins if it’s not.


While it’s simple to purchase chips and packaged treats, they might leave you and your children feeling sluggish or hyperactive. Instead, attempt a few of these healthy snacks:

8. Fresh Fruit
Bring a mix of fresh fruit that doesn’t require refrigeration, such as apples, bananas, and grapes. Try to bring no more fruit than you require, as some fruits don’t take a trip well, particularly in a hot automobile.

9. Hummus and Pita Chips
Hummus can easily be stored in your cooler. This treat is loaded with protein and carbohydrates, which provides you and your children energy and keeps you feeling complete longer.

10. Homemade Bread and Muffins
Bread and particularly muffins can serve as a quick breakfast or snack when you go sightseeing, and are really hassle-free to consume while on the go. I like to make a set of fruit bread and banana muffins for long automobile trips.

11. Hard-boiled Eggs
Boil up some difficult boiled eggs to consume as a fast treat or a morning meal on the go. My household boils a dozen before any trip, and they’re generally gone within the first 3 days.

Easy Slow-Cooked Meals to Prepare While on Vacation

If you don’t wish to bother with food preparation before the journey and transporting a jam-packed cooler, you can still avoid the high expense of eating in restaurants. Just bring your slow-moving cooker (and containers to keep leftovers in). These meals will prepare easily in your hotel room:

12. Chili
Pour a can of black beans, pinto beans, and kidney beans (drained and rinsed) into a slow cooker. Add some cumin and chili powder, a can or 2 of diced tomatoes, and diced green pepper. Cook on reduced for 8 hours while you’re out and about.

13. Pulled Chicken
Buy a number of chicken breasts from the store in addition to a bottle of barbecue sauce. Place the chicken busts in the slow-moving cooker and cover with the sauce. Let it cook on reduced for 8 hours. Then, shred the chicken and add a bit more barbecue sauce. Serve on hamburger buns with vegetables on the side. Or, heat the chicken breasts in the slow cooker with a can of black beans, a jar of salsa, and a bag of frozen corn, and serve on tortillas with environment-friendlies.

crock pot

Final Word

Family getaways can be pricey, but bringing your very own meals could actually half the expense. Just make certain to play it safe with your meals – if you’re in question whether something is fresh, throwing it out is constantly better than making your family ill. On a current journey, I put some difficult boiled eggs in the hotel refrigerator, but when we woke up, my family and I discovered that the fridge, though plugged in, was not extremely cool. It was a shame to need to get rid of the meals, but now we know to always check fridge temperatures initially.

What’re your favored meals to bring when you’re on trip?