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You all understand the booklover in your household or set of buddies. Yeah, that one. The person who’d rather read than head out on a Friday night. The one who simply can not be interrupted when they’re in the middle of a great book. And the one who’s difficult to buy books for, because they either have it currently, or they don’t have it because they’re not thinking about reading it.

Are you baffled about what to buy for your booklover? Right here are 10 presents for that person in your life who might enjoy books even more than they enjoy you.

1. Vintage Book of the Month Club

If the booklover on your list already appears to have all guides they could ever want, why not offer them some they never understood they wanted? Etsy is a terrific place to find classic book of the month clubs. Simply subscribe your booklover for a particular amount of time, and they’ll receive one old book every month. These books are commonly not just fun to check out, but likewise make great display pieces (particularly in a house where books are revered).

2. Book Weight

As one of the booklovers I’m writing about, I’ve attempted all sorts of choices for keeping a book open without needing to hold it in location. While there are many cutting-edge concepts out there for how to do this, the very best I’ve found is the easy book weight. Leatherology has a superb one. Nothing like turning a plain old book into a hands free gadget! And it can be found in quite colors, too.

3. Library Cataloging Tool

The just thing that booklovers tend to such as at least as much as reading is cataloging their books. If the lover of the composed word on your list prefers digital approaches, attempt buying them Delicious Collection. It permits them to scan the ISBN on their books and afterwards upload guides into a virtual collection. The program likewise produces a downloadable file that can be uploaded to social reading websites like Goodreads.

If your reader prefers a more hands on experience, try the Inspect Me Out Library Kit. It can draw out the vintage librarian in any individual.

4. My Ideal Bookshelf

This is a blast of a coffee table book, in which the developers spoke with well-known people throughout the board and asked exactly what’d be on their optimal bookshelf. It’ll permit your bibliophile to compare their own bookshelf with that of these fantastic minds, in addition to to share their obsession with others in a stunning, well-presented manner.

5. The Best Booklight

Which light is best for clandestine nighttime reading? Well, it turns out that various lights work much better for various situations. If you know when and where your booklover suches as to review in the dark, use the guide above to choose the light that’ll work best for them. After all, you’d hate to have them strain their eyes.

6. Bookworm Socks

If your booklover prefers to let their nerd flag fly, let them try these socks on for size. Due to the fact that absolutely nothing says, ‘I love books!’ light bright yellow letters plastered down their calf bone. Absolutely nothing.

7. Banned Books Poster

Is your reader also a rebel? (The majority of us readers are.) Then this I Read Banned Books poster is ideal. Not just does it announce their love of reading and their defiance of cultural standards, but it also looks like a huge, vintage book. Since, why not feed all their desires simultaneously?

8. Scented Candles

I know what you’re thinking … ‘Wait a minute. Wait just one minute. Candles? Can’t you buy candles for any individual?’ However hold your horses, because these candles are scented especially to go with classic authors. If your reader has a favored, why not give them a candle to accompany their reading? You know, set the state of mind and all.

9. A Bookish T-Shirt

Out of Print Clothing reprints traditional covers on T-shirts for the bookworm’s putting on enjoyment. If T-shirts, sweatshirts, and other type of shirt isn’t a good option for your reader, they also have carry bags, pouches, phone cases, and kids’ clothes also. Trust me. They’ve something for every reader.

10. Treadmill Book Stand

Everyone knows that bibliophiles don’t get out much, right? And don’t get enough exercise? Remedy that by buying your bookish buddy a Levo Bookstand with treadmill extension. Then they don’t have any excuses for not leaving the couch and moving around. Who understands? They could even like it when they can move and read, too!

Bonus Gift Idea

Anything from The Literary Present Company. Seriously. And if you’re STILL stumped, get them a present card and let them purchase their own bookish present. These people know how to make a reader really, extremely pleased.

What non-book presents are you planning to offer the booklovers you understand?