If you take public transportation (or carpool and ride as a passenger) to work, you could feel that this is time wasted. So why not do something that can likewise improve your life? Even if you drive to work, there are ways to make your uninteresting commute a clever commute.

1. Listen to a Podcast

I used to ride the bus to work prior to I got a car, and my commute was an hour and a half – one means! I made use of that time to pay attention to my preferred comedy podcasts, a few of which were as long as 3 hours, which was perfect for the entire commute. But there are hundreds of podcasts out there about any topic you can think about – instructional podcasts, history, language knowing. If you can consider it, there’s a podcast for it. You can examine iTunes, or go to websites like podbay. fm for the top ranking podcasts. Mashable also has some exceptional podcast suggestions. The Nerdist is one of my favorites from that list.

2. Read (or Pay attention to) Something Challenging

Reading is a timeless commuting activity, but if you’re filling your time and brain with absolutely nothing but love stories or mysteries, attempt raising your reading list a bit. Sign up with a reading group that’ll help you stay dedicated to reading and for a nice mix of reading choices. Unless you’ve an eBook reader, do not forget about the library if you don’t want to get the book. And if you are driving? Audiobooks!

3. Pay Your Bills

If you resemble me and forget to pay your expenses occasionally due to the fact that you’ve many other thoughts going on, this is an ideal time to do that. While lots of costs can be paid automatically online, there could be a couple of that still necessary a paper check. Phone apps can also make it a little simpler to pay expenses on your smartphone throughout your commute.

4. Start a New Hobby

Because I am a writer, people are constantly telling me that they truly want to begin composing but do not have the time. Driving by means of public transportation supplies the time and the ideal setting. ‘People enjoying’ is among the very best methods to make motivation for a story or even for a humor blog. As an author, I am also an eavesdropper, and I’ve actually heard some of the funniest and most intriguing comments on the bus. Knitting is another pastime that’s easy to do on your commute, and homemade scarves, hats, mittens, coats, etc. make outstanding presents.

5. Get Some Work Done

Whenever I was under a stringent deadline at my last job, I’d bring my laptop home and work, and the next morning, I ‘d get a head start to the day by dealing with the bus. This assisted guarantee that I did not miss my due date. Or you can use your commute to do some of your very own writing if you do not have time or the energy after work. I am likewise a stand-up comedian, so I’d often write notes or my set list for a program while riding the bus.

6. Listen to Public Radio

For vehicle vehicle drivers, paying attention to NPR is one of the best ways to stay up to date with the news while you’re on your way to work. It also makes it less tempting to talk on the phone or text while you drive.

If you are more of a printed word individual than a radio person, Umano will select the leading news tales and short articles from the press, as read by other app users, and play them back for you so that you are not fiddling with the radio dial while you’re driving. And it’s complimentary!

7. Organize Your Day

Planning your day is one of the most efficient thoughts to do on your morning commute. Compose your order of business, prioritize your jobs, or update your calendar. There are a lot of apps that can assist you get arranged. Or, keep it basic with a plain little notebook and a pen.

8. Exercise

Biking to work has become popular recently, specifically in places that are genuinely bike friendly. Some offices have even set up showers for bike commuters. A number of my coworkers who live nearby keep an extra set of clothing in the workplace and go to work. If you’re cycling, be sure to select a safe route that includes roads with wide shoulders. And naturally, familiarize yourself with ways to alter a tube and keep your bike maintained.

9. Practice Mindfulness

While the bus or metro mightn’t be the very best location to meditate, there are mindfulness practices you can do that are simple and can be done anywhere. Pocket Mindfulness has some exceptional pointers, such as observing a natural item as very carefully as you can, or considering the relevance five typically undetected thoughts. Journaling is another favorable activity. Even if you don’t believe you’ve anything to say, you may be shocked exactly what comes out when you just begin jotting down your ideas.

10. Carpool

Be clever about your financial resources and the environment, and ask co-workers to carpool. Even though people find all kinds of reasons to stay clear of carpooling, there’s actually no reason if you and your co-workers have comparable schedules. If you don’t live close to one another, search for a nearby Park and Flight or another main place with a big parking area, such as a shopping mall, where you can satisfy and leave one car for the day. You’d be amazed just how much you’ll save money on gas and the wear and tear of your vehicle. And when it’s your turn to be the traveler, you can break out your smartphone or your book and make the ride efficient, much like commuters who take public transportation.

How do you make your commute more efficient? Manage to the shoulder and share in comments!