September 18, 2014

Do These 5 Car Maintenance Tas...

You understand the feeling: You begin the vehicle, and there’s a weird sound. Or the check engine light starts to flash halfway into a road trip. Or prior to leaving for work you uncover a troubling swimming pool of liquid under the automobile. Pangs of worry course your nervous system, …Read the Rest

Limitations of Human Senses and Memory – 7 Commonly Held Illusions
September 18, 2014

Limitations of Human Senses an...

Magicians and con-men have understood for centuries the best ways to trick, seduce, and make use of audiences and people …Read the Rest

7 Things Non-Members Can Get at Costco (Including Cheap Eye Exams!)
September 17, 2014

7 Things Non-Members Can Get a...

Like most Hawaii citizens, I like Costco. With the cost of a gallon of regional milk as high as $9 …Read the Rest

Income Inequality in America – Definition, Causes and Statistics
September 17, 2014

Income Inequality in America &...

Warren Buffett, second on the Forbes 400 list of the richest people in America, stated, ‘There’s class warfare, all right …Read the Rest

A Lot of People Don't Understand What Money Really Is — Do You?
September 16, 2014

A Lot of People Don't Und...

What’s cash, truly? I am not discussing the physical or economic properties of currency. I am discussing what money means …Read the Rest

Obamacare History – Winners and Losers of the Affordable Care Act
September 16, 2014

Obamacare History – Winn...

The Client Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, otherwise referred to as ‘Obamacare,’ is predestined to be among the …Read the Rest

31 Reasons Why I'm in Love With Thrift Shopping (and You Should Be Too)
September 15, 2014

31 Reasons Why I'm in Lov...

I realize I am a weird animal. My palms tingle a little bit when I approach a thrift store. All …Read the Rest

How to Help an Elderly Parent Deal With the Death of a Spouse
September 15, 2014

How to Help an Elderly Parent ...

Velta Lewis died the morning of Could 15th in the arms of her husband in the house they’d bought upon …Read the Rest

How to Raise Chickens for Meat and Eggs at Home in the City
September 14, 2014

How to Raise Chickens for Meat...

Believe it or not, increasingly more chickens are turning up in the cities. Urban farming is booming as a way …Read the Rest

5 Surprising Ways to Get Deals
September 14, 2014

5 Surprising Ways to Get Deals...

All of our normal shopping haunts have information on our browsing and purchasing routines. While that can be troubling, we …Read the Rest

Smart Ways to Save for College
September 13, 2014

Smart Ways to Save for College...

If you are a brand-new moms and dad, you are probably still in sticker label shock over the long list …Read the Rest

Day Trading for a Living – Benefits, Risks and How to Succeed
September 13, 2014

Day Trading for a Living ̵...

In the days prior to personal computers, instantaneous communications, and sophisticated software application, many Wall Street brokerage firms used veteran …Read the Rest

15 Ways to Improve Your Career Prospects and Reach Work-Related Goals
September 12, 2014

15 Ways to Improve Your Career...

According to the Bureau of Labor Data, the typical individual invests 8.8 hours per day at work – that’s a …Read the Rest

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